The why...

Dr. Krisko has been practicing naturopathic medicine since 2004.  She provides comprehensive medical care to patients of all ages.

Through a collaborative working relationship, her patients grow in health and happiness.  These principles guide her as a physician.

Offering the highest quality healthcare management, and treatment.

Dr. Krisko completed rigorous medical training and is board certified and licensed in the state of Oregon.

She is committed to continually furthering her medical knowledge, and she has done so through a residency, specialized trainings, independent research, and collaborative professional networks. She has been recognized for expertise in her field, and now educates and mentors other practitioners.

Partnering with you to identify the cause of your illness and to restore balance to your health

Dr. Krisko is committed to uncovering the underlying causes of your symptoms and functional health problems, and she works with you to correct these imbalances.

She can offer coaching to help you embrace daily dietary and lifestyle habits that promote optimal wellness while using gentle, effective medicines to restore normal physiology, including hydrotherapy, botanicals, homeopathics, herbal preparations and intravenous nutritional therapy.

She also works to nurture your mental, emotional and spiritual health to achieve holistic wellness.

Creating sustained health through education

The only way to sustain improved health is to become your own health care advocate. Dr. Krisko would love for you to achieve a level of wellness where you no longer need regular appointments with her. In order to help you get there, she will

  • provide you with access to all of your labs
  • teach you how to manage acute illnesses by yourself at home, and
  • help you understand the origins of your condition so you can take proactive health measures.

Our patients often begin to educate others about what they’ve learned and become ambassadors of health in their families and communities.

Collaboration with other providers for improved health outcomes

Dr. Krisko will happily work in consultation with any other providers you may be seeing.  She believes that each health care profession brings something valuable and unique to the treatment process, and that by working together all practitioners can provide the best possible quality of care.

Dr. Krisko also has a network of practitioners and physicians that she regularly exchanges information, ideas and clinical research with.

Practicing what she preaches

Dr. Krisko is committed to cultivating her own physical, mental and spiritual health so that she can offer a clinical relationship to her patients based on a grounded presence of mind and spirit.

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