Allergy testing and treatment

SLIT (Sublingual Immunotherapy)

Dr. Krisko offers a contemporary alternative to allergy shots. Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), or “allergy drops,” is as safe and effective as allergy shots without the inconvenience of required weekly doctor visits or the discomfort of injections.

These allergy drops assist your body in gradually building up a tolerance to the specific triggers that cause allergic reactions, which reduces your symptoms. Most of the treatment can be done at home with quarterly evaluations by your doctor at Bambu to assess your progress.

Every three months, Dr. Krisko physician will tweak your custom formula to ensure that your body continues on the path to eliminating its allergic response.

Allergy testing

Assessing your allergies will require a comprehensive visit with Dr. Krisko. This appointment will assess your exposure history and your symptoms, as well as recommending a method for allergy testing.

Your test results will help our doctors determine if SLIT therapy is appropriate for you and, based on those results, we will create a custom formula to treat your allergies. You will get individualized therapy for your unique set of allergic triggers and symptoms.

Benefits Of Slit Treatment

  • It treats the cause of your allergies, not just temporary symptoms. SLIT therapy helps build long-term tolerance to your allergens, eliminating medication and ongoing treatment.
  • It’s affordable and convenient. SLIT therapy is less expensive and requires fewer office visits. And you can take your drops where and when it’s most convenient for you (work, school, sports practice, vacation, etc.).
  • You’ll use less medication. Patients report, and research shows, that allergy-related medication use typically decreases after using drops, resulting in savings and less medication.
  • It provides a better quality of life. The end benefit of allergy drop treatment is feeling better and enjoying life with fewer related hospital and clinic visits, and less time lost from work and/or school.

Who Benefits From Slit Therapy

SLIT can help all allergic patients, including infants, young children, and adults. SLIT is effective for a number of allergic conditions:

  • mild hayfever
  • severe allergies
  • recurrent ear infections
  • asthma
  • eczema
  • chronic sinusitis
  • food and mold allergies
  • anaphylactic reactions
  • people with multiple allergies

Why Slit Therapy Is Safe

For over 100 years, SLIT therapy has been used around the world and proven safe and effective by numerous studies. The administration and dosing levels of the allergy drops are safe enough to infants, children and adults and the World Health Organization has endorsed SLIT as a viable alternative to allergy shots.

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