What is it?

Asthma is a lung condition involving reversible airway obstruction. Spasms and swelling of the bronchial tree as well as increased mucus production and sloughing of the airway tissue all contribute to the symptoms.

Asthma can be triggered by a number of things, including allergies, viral or bacterial infection, and exercise. 12 million patients in the US have asthma, and that number is on the rise. This illness is the leading cause of hospitalization for children and is the chief cause of missed school days due to a chronic health condition.

Episodes can range from mild or moderate to severe with the most severe attacks being life-threatening and requiring emergency care.

Key Points

  • An inflammatory condition of the bronchial and bronchiolar airways
  • Narrowing of airways by swelling and spasms, and increased mucus production
  • Episodic or chronic wheezing, shortness of breath, cough, and chest discomfort
  • Airway hypersensitivity is often found in response to inhaled stimuli
  • Physical examination findings may include chest over-inflation, prolonged expiration, and diffuse wheezing
  • Widespread high-pitched wheezes are characteristic
  • Limitation of airflow on pulmonary function testing

How do we treat it?

We look at asthma as an inflammatory condition of the lungs, just as eczema is an inflammatory condition of the skin. In fact, many patients with asthma have a history of eczema suppressed by the use of corticosteroid creams.

Asthma can also be thought of as “leaky lung,” similar to leaky gut, a condition in which the gut wall is too permeable and allows for sensitivities to develop.

We work with you to enhance proper immune function, detoxification, and elimination so that your lungs can become less “leaky” and less reactive over time. This work will include allergy identification and avoidance through EAV testing, digestive toning and strengthening, and overall detoxification and elimination support.

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