Shelter in Taste (comfort & relative well-being)

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, most of us are sheltering in place.  This poses a multitude of challenges: entertaining & educating children, working from home, maintaining healthy exercise and wellness routines.  Hope you like your housemates!!! I wanted to make sure that my patients have access to some of the resources I am using to […]

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COVID-19 Clinic Closure

Due to the ongoing concerns over the coronavirus outbreak, Center for Chiropractic, where Dr. Krisko has moved her practice, will temporarily close effective March 18th.  We currently plan to be closed at least through April 1st, but expect to extend the closure as this situation develops.  We will continue to re-evaluate the public health circumstances […]

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COVID-19 coronavirus

Due to the first cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Oregon and the outbreak in Washington State, here’s some basic information, resources, and reassurance. First, any patient who does not feel well enough to come in for their visit is encouraged to stay home and rest.  Dr. Krisko’s typical late cancellation fee will be waived in […]

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