Cold & Flu Season

Bambú Clinic cold and flu season

what you need to know…

Nobody likes to be sick. It feels crummy, it disrupts your routine, it slows you down at work. That said, we strongly believe that, for adults, having a cold once a year is a good thing. Yes, a good thing. Here’s why and what you need to know to make it the healthiest experience you can:

1. It’s normal for adults to get sick once a year
It shows that your immune system is alert and picking up on what’s going on in your environment. If you haven’t been sick for several years you might want to investigate why. For many people this is a sign that their immune system is preoccupied, working on something on a deeper level.

2. Most of the symptoms you experience when you’re sick are not caused by bacteria or viruses
That sore throat and nasal congestion is actually caused

by your immune system. Uncomfortable as they are, these symptoms are your body’s way of trying to make you better. Your body was designed to function in a state of health and it will do what it can to get you back to that state. If you take over-the-counter cold medicine to make the symptoms go away you are actually preventing your immune system from doing it’s job and can prolong your illness.

3. A fever, like the yearly cold, is a good thing
Your immune system will create a fever in order to make an inhospitable environment for bacteria and viruses. Fevers also increase the efficacy of your white blood cells and stimulate the rest of your immune system to get busy! Don’t suppress an appropriate fever with aniti-pyretic medication. Follow the steps below to create the most efficient and effective fever you can and help your body do what it wants to do, make you healthy!

recommended therapies…

There is no ‘cure’ for the common cold or flu. Naturopathic treatments focus on encouraging the body to take care of the cold as best it can without suppressing the immune system with over the counter drugs. The more you allow the body to do it’s own work the stronger it will be!

1. Rest
Stay home and sleep! Don’t try and power through a cold, it really isn’t helpful. The only time your body can truly heal is at rest or during sleep. You are much more likely to recover faster if you just give yourself a little break to do so.

2. Warming Socks
Many of our patients know the great benefit of this home hydrotherapy treatment. Do your socks at the first sign of a cold to help give a boost to your body temperature and get similar benefits to mounting a fever,increased white blood cell activity! Do your socks in the middle of a cold to decrease congestion, relieve throat pain, and help you breath so you can sleep through the night. If you are unfamiliar with the magic of warming socks ask your Naturopath for guidance.

3. Castor Oil Pack
What many people don’t realize is that 70% of the immune system is actually located in the gut! A castor oil pack to the abdomen can greatly enhance the immune response. Studies have shown an increase in white blood cell levels not long after doing a pack. Slap one on while doing your Warming Socks and you are set for the night!

healing in the kitchen

immunity soup…
It takes a lot of energy to digest food. To reserve energy for your immune system eat lightly and avoid heavy meals. The following soup is a great for preventing and healing from colds.

1 small onion diced (antiviral/antimicrobial activity)
Garlic, minced, to taste (antiviral/antimicrobial activity)
1 head of cilantro (antimicrobial activity & antioxidants)
1 head of parsley (promotes kidney function and elimination)
Fresh squeezed lime to flavor

Dice all ingredients and place into pot of boiling water. Drop heat and simmer
until onion is translucent and greens are soft. Add lime to flavor and enjoy.