COVID-19 Clinic Closure

Due to the ongoing concerns over the coronavirus outbreak, Center for Chiropractic, where Dr. Krisko has moved her practice, will temporarily close effective March 18th.  We currently plan to be closed at least through April 1st, but expect to extend the closure as this situation develops.  We will continue to re-evaluate the public health circumstances and send periodic updates to our patients.

While voicemail messages left for the front desk will be checked periodically, Dr. Krisko may not be able to check her voicemail messages at the Center for Chiropractic during this closure. Please direct your questions or concerns to her by logging in and writing her a Charm message.  She may also respond to emails, text messages and/or calls to her cell phone if she has provided you with that contact info.  Please continue to direct billing issues to Efficient Medical Billing at 503-384-2988.

Dr. Krisko’s planned vacation to Spain has been cancelled, so she is still in the US.  While she is still taking a brief break from scheduled appointments over the next few weeks, she wants to support her patients any way she can to help keep everyone safe during this difficult time. Therefore, if you have an emergency or need an acute visit, please communicate with her directly through your Charm portal.

For concerns that you may have contracted the coronavirus, please contact Dr. Krisko directly so she can help to triage your concerns.  If you are ill or living with someone who is experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus (including fever, cough or other cold/flu symptoms), please do not go to a public clinic before speaking with Dr. Krisko or one of your other doctors.  The emergency room may not be the best option for you during this outbreak

While the clinic may remain closed, she is planning to return to her normal patient schedule on April 6th.  For the foreseeable future, she will be offering telehealth appointments only and is in the process of deciding which telehealth vendor to use.  She will be in touch with scheduled patients individually to sort out these details on a case by case basis.

The CDC currently recommends that you keep at least two weeks of extra prescription medication on hand.  Dr. Krisko thinks it would be wise to have at least one month of extra medication on hand, if your pharmacy and insurance company will allow it.  If you need a refill, please contact your pharmacy first, Dr. Krisko will receive an electronic request to authorize the refill.

During this uncertain time, it may also be wise to stock 1-2 extra months of your supplements as many items are going on backorder or may take longer to receive in the mail. If you have already received an invitation to, please log in and order what you need.  If you need Dr. Krisko to send you that invitation, please send her a message in your Charm portal.

Lab results should continue to come in as scheduled.  If you are waiting on lab results, you can expect to hear from Dr. Krisko through the Charm portal.

We know that resources for hygiene are limited everywhere and want to pass along the resources as we become aware of them. If you are looking for hand sanitizer, Community Compounding Pharmacy is producing it, by FDA request, for commercial sale (no prescription needed).  Please reach out to them at (503)303-7373, if you want to have some on hand, they are limiting their delivery options to mail order ONLY.

The best form of prevention for acute illnesses is always good lifestyle habits. Please continue to make healthy diet, exercise and hydration choices for yourself and your family. Please also do your best to manage your stress and maximize the quality of your sleep. Please continue to observe safety measures on your own as well…

  • stay at home as much as possible
  • wash hands frequently (for 20 seconds with soap and water)
  • use alcohol-based sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol) if soap and water are not available
  • cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue which you will immediately throw in the trash
  • wash your hands after coughing or sneezing
  • get fresh air, but avoid congregating with groups of people
  • practice social distancing as feasible
  • clean & disinfect frequently touched surfaces and object frequently
  • remember that the fewer people you interact with or items you have contact with the lower your exposure and risk will be

Follow the blog or Facebook feed for further updates.

Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones during this unusual health scare.  Dr. Krisko certainly looks forward to getting her life and practice back to normal when the risk of illness subsides. We wish you the best and are hoping to resume in person appointments with you soon.  We will stay in touch and let you know as soon as we feel it’s safe to welcome patients into the clinic again.  In the meantime, stay well.