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Bambú Clinic natural allergy remedy

Seasonal allergies can be a drag. The best approach to allergies is a preventative one. In Oregon, the buds start blooming in mid-February, so I usually recommend that patients start with palliative remedies in early February. In addition, a good gut healing program along with avoidance of food sensitivities can go a long way to resolving allergies that flare seasonally.  But, when you are sneezing and your eyes and nose are running, sometimes you need a more acute solution that will work immediately.

My favorite at-home allergy treatment is nasal lavage. Rinse your nose and sinuses with lukewarm water, ½ tsp of salt and either a pinch of goldenseal powder or 2 drops of an herbal sinus oil. Using a neti pot or a squeeze bottle twice a day to relieve inflammation of the nasal passages and to clear out mucous from the sinuses can go a long way to relieving your allergy symptoms.

In addition, remember to use some high quality anti-oxidants including quercetin and flavonoids. Apex Energetics makes a good combination remedy, X-Viromin, for allergies.

Lastly, a good diet and routine goes a long way to improving your ability to maintain immune balance. Make sure to eat a healthy variety of anti-inflammatory foods, get lots of sleep (after a neti pot treatment), exercise daily (inside, if necessary), and manage your stress with the tools that work best for you. Your adrenal health will make your immune responses more sensitive and acute, so remember to treat yourself well.

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