Naturopathic Medicine

The six principles of naturopathic medicine

  1. Do No Harm

    We strongly commit to using non-toxic and non-invasive medicines that promote physiologic balance rather than those that ‘override’ biological functions. Although it is true that Dr. Krisko dedicated to the usefulness of natural remedies, we realize that even the mildest substance may be harmful when used indiscriminately. To ensure ‘no harm,’ we must meticulously consider every course of action and every treatment choice for each patient.

  2. Identify and Treat the Cause

    The simple question “Why?” is one of our most valuable tools. Because the body has the inherent ability to heal itself, illness does not occur without a cause. Symptoms, themselves, can be understood as a self-attempt at cure. So, then, as curious physicians, we must ask ourselves, “Why?” Why did this symptom occur? Why does it continue? Why is it not successful at returning the body to health?

  3. Treat the Whole Person

    Dr. Krisko knows that the systems of the human body are intimately interconnected, each a reflection of the whole. We recognize that optimal health is achieved when all aspects of the individual – including physical, mental, emotional, genetic, spiritual, environmental, and social factors – are functioning together in harmony.

  4. The Body Has Inherent Wisdom to Heal

    Naturopathic physicians believe that the body is programmed to achieve wellness. In other words, the body will return itself to health if given the correct stimuli to set the healing process in motion.  Moment-by-moment, the body demonstrates an ability to regulate complex neurological and hormonal cycles, modulate proper levels of electrolytes and proteins in the blood, and to breakdown, digest, and eliminate food particles and other ingested substances or stimuli. Throughout a lifetime, the body continually responds and adapts to both internal and external events, forever attempting to return to a state of balance (also known as homeostasis).

  5. Doctor Means Teacher

    Many of us have clear and diverse images of the teachers that have crossed our paths. Very few, though, recognize their doctor’s role, first and foremost, is as a teacher. The very word ‘doctor’ derives from the Latin word ‘docere,’ which literally means ‘to teach.’ Dr. Krisko is dedicated to teaching you how to live a healthier, more meaningful, and fulfilling existence. Through education, we empower patients to make the changes necessary to move the body toward optimal health.

  6. Prevention is Cure

    She believes that practicing true prevention means we must maintain one eye on the present, and one eye on the future. Preventive medicine does this by encouraging daily healthy habits that will increase health today AND decrease the risk of chronic disease tomorrow. Preventive medicine includes treatments that have the long term benefits of balancing and optimizing normal physiology.

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