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Kids can be picky eaters, and it can take some MacGyvering to make sure they get the nutrients they need to support their growing bodies and minds. That’s why Dr. Siegel created her superfood powder, Nourish Me. She originally made the powder to efficiently give her young sons everything she felt they needed in a supplement. With the encouragement of her friends and family, she decided to make her powder available to the public. While Nourish Me is formulated with children in mind, it’s also great for pregnant and breastfeeding women and all adults who want an easy and delicious nutritional boost.


Nourish Me contains acai pulp, hemp seeds, sprouted brown rice protein, beet root, acerola, dulse, spirulina, live active cultures, and just a dash of stevia.

ACAI is a vibrant berry hailing from the Amazonian rain forest.  Acai’s antioxidant power outshines every other berry around. It also boasts healthy fats (instead of sugar) and it tastes great.

HEMP SEEDS are high in protein, fiber, minerals and healthy fats.  This seed deserves to be eaten by the handful! Hemp seeds help the body sustain energy, build muscle, and heal from injuries among other benefits.

SPROUTED BROWN RICE PROTEIN is great for growing bodies. Sprouting wakes up the rice to its full potential and makes the protein more easy to absorb.

BEET ROOTS are full of antioxidants and vitamins! The liver particularly loves beets because they promote detoxification and healing. From ancient Chinese texts to the Talmud, we learn that beets nourish the blood and promote long life. 
Enough said.

SPIRULINA is perhaps the most nutrient-dense and balanced of all the super foods. This blue-green algae is full of chlorophyll and carotenes, and a little bit goes a long way.

Acerola soaks in the sunshine and delivers it back to our bodies in the form of vitamin C. We all love vitamin C for its immune-boosting power, as well as skin-healing and allergy-stabilizing properties. And, catch this: acerola juice contains 3000% more vitamin C than O.J.!

Hooray for seaweed! Dulse offers a wealth of powerful minerals from the sea: essential nutrients that you can’t get anywhere else. Iodine is the real show-stopper here, feeding the thyroid and the brain simultaneously.

Our bodies, inside and out, are teeming with bacteria. Digestive and immune health depend on a balanced bacterial ecosystem, so you have to have good bugs to make sure the bad ones don’t get out hand.

Nourish Me is…


Infectious critters and environmental toxins are a reality in modern life. Nourish Me powder provides 300% of a child’s RDA of vitamin C; over 100% of vitamin A and iodine; literally billions of probiotics, and antioxidants galore. Now that’s strong protection for each day!

The brain loves to eat up essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) as well as bathe in protective antioxidants (like those found in Nourish Me’s acai and spirulina). And with 100% of iodine needs met, let’s just say your kid’s got the makings for a healthy noggin!

Probiotics are your belly’s best friend. With one scoop of Nourish Me you get 3 billion friends working hard to tend the ever-changing “garden” in the gut. Live active cultures are amazingly beneficial for digestion, skin, and immunity in general. Who wouldn’t want to cultivate a friendship like that?!

Oh those evil histamines! They can make us congested, itchy-eyed, inflamed and tired. Luckily, high doses of vitamin C come quickly to the rescue, stabilizing those nasty histamine-making cells. And when we bring in the aid of live active cultures, we can potentially avoid those allergies from even being invited to the party.

No childhood is without its boo-boos and bruises. Other common skin issues include eczema, acne, or just plain old super-sensitive skin. Nourish Me powder is full of vitamins A and C, and probiotics, all of which our outer layer soaks up gratefully.

How to enjoy it

The easiest way to eat Nourish Me is in soft and creamy food. Smoothies work really well—it turns the smoothie purple with little change in flavor.  It also works well in yogurt, applesauce, oatmeal, baby mush, or mixed in honey, nut butters and jelly (and spread on bread). Feeling crazy? Try it in ketchup, mustard or mayo (sounds weird but tastes fine!).


1 Cup vanilla hemp or other milk

1 Banana (fresh or frozen)

1 Tbsp almond butter

1 Scoop Nourish Me Super Food

To Learn More

Visit to get the full download on the myriad benefits and uses of Nourish Me.

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