Bambú Clinic oxygenation

We have always been advocates for treating the environment well, and one of the biggest reasons for that is our personal health. When your environment isn’t healthy, you can’t be healthy either. One of the many downsides to an unhealthy environment is poor oxygenation. Before humankind walked the earth, air consisted of 32 to 34 percent oxygen, but today only 18 percent of our atmosphere is this crucial element. In cities like Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago, oxygen levels can drop as low as eight percent!

Why is this so important?

Bad air contributes to unwanted things such as sore throat, lung disease, and liver problems. The chemical reaction that happens when you breathe produces energy in your cells and leaves carbon dioxide behind as a waste product. If that carbon dioxide is not properly eliminated from your tissues, your cells will die. In other words, your cells cannot produce energy or function without oxygen flowing in and carbon dioxide flowing out.

To help improve your health and support healthy oxygenation of your environment, we suggest you maintain good airflow throughout your home and office. Breathing in closed quarters can cause the carbon dioxide you exhale to collect in the space around you, which can negatively affecting your well-being and mental clarity. Open up the windows in your living and work spaces or use a fan to promote healthy airflow. Liven up your space by gardening or keeping potted plants in your home. Let sunlight enter your windows. Recycle and compost what you can (you can also use compost to help your plants grow!). Eat homemade meals around a table without distractions. Exercise outdoors and treat yourself to chocolate. Keeping your surroundings healthy will keep you healthy. Take care of yourself and give back to the Earth that helps sustain life on all levels.