Safe Consumer Products

Bambú Clinic safe consumer products

A lot of noise has been generated lately about the safety behind common consumer products.  Surely we have all heard about BPA, polluted plastics, and tainted baby bottles.  Such publicity has created greater consumer awareness about the lack of provisions protecting consumers from exposure to dangerous substances.   

The generation of such awareness has been the goal of groups such as the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Organic Consumers Association (OCA) for some time.  Both groups are currently engaged in shining a light on the inadequacy of the current federal law governing synthetic chemicals, the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), which provides no provision for the testing of synthetics and have left us with an ‘innocent until proven guilty’ culture of synthetic innovation and diffusion.  A culture that few doubt has left us with dirtier waters, ozone depletion, messy agriculture, and higher rates of cancer, neurological and respiratory disorders.   

The time has certainly come for more oversight of the synthetic chemical industry and the EWG and OCA certainly urge the support and reintroduction of the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act which mandates that all chemicals on the market be tested and proven safe in addition to ensuring that all chemicals are safe for earth’s most vulnerable human population- children.

Both websites for the EWG and OCA offer loads of great consumer information if you have more questions or would like product recommendations. The EWG’s Skin Deep database is an invaluable resource that allows you to search the relative safety of products by name.