Write An HB 2778 Letter

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DC’s, LMT’s and LAc’s have jointly worked together to introduce a bill (HB 2778) to the House that effectively puts an end to prior authorization programs like Evicore, ASHN, etc. It also has a provision that stops insurer’s from charging higher copays/co-insurance/ deductibles than what it costs to access physician services. Lastly, has some language amended that will not allow insurer’s to request refunds for services rendered when benefits where quoted.
We need emails to flood Mitch Greenlick’s (Chair Health Care Committee) office right now…
Dear [ ],
I am writing you to discuss HB 2778.  I have insurance through [insurance company], that I chose because of the chiropractic and acupuncture services it provides.  However, upon seeking care I found out that the insurance company can deny and/or limit treatment through a “prior-authorization program”.  This was not disclosed to me prior to choosing my insurance.  Prior Authorizations are unfair to me as a customer and costly for the state of Oregon.  In denying or limiting my care for services, it potentially forces me to seek pain drugs or other more costly and unneeded care.  Prior Authorizations also provide a costly burden on my provider. Please pass HB 2778 for the benefit of the insured patient as well as the providers.  Please help remove the barriers for me to get care that I need.
Thank you for taking action in this matter.
You can read the overview and text of the bill here: https://olis.leg.state. or.us/…/201…/Measures/ Overview/HB2778
We are encouraging anyone who has had their health care access limited to contact both their personal representative and Chairperson of Health Committee Rep. Mitch Greenlick. Please describe your experience, how it hindered receiving timely and effective healthcare and how it effected your life.
Rep. Mitch Greenlick:
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1433
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-493, Salem, Oregon 97301
District Phone: 503-297-2416
District Address: 412 NW Couch St #104 Portland, OR 97209
Email: Rep.Mitch…@state.or.us
Website: http://www. oregonlegislature.gov/ Greenlick
To find your personal representative:
Thank you for your action in this matter.