What is it?

Also commonly known as “cleansing,” the term detoxification refers to the active process of pushing out perceived contaminants from the body.

Detox is an active, external force imposed on the body to drive out impurities. For example, a person may choose to “detox,” or do a cleanse, after a period of excess indulgence in food and alcohol, or after a perceived toxic exposure.

Alternatively, it is common for many people to do a spring cleanse, the health equivalent of spring cleaning of your house.

Generally, the process involves cleaning up the diet and taking supplements to support the liver and other organs of elimination.

Key Points:

  • Commonly thought of as necessary after indulgences or at certain times of year
  • An active process, thought to drive out impurities
  • Can be stressful on the body
  • May or may not have long-term positive health benefits
  • No focus on restoring optimal mechanisms for processing and elimination

How do we treat it?

At Bambú Clinic, we understand that detoxification does not happen in a vacuum. In addition to removing impurities, the body requires help restoring proper physiology including processing and filtering of toxins.

When the removal of wastes occurs as a natural result of optimized function, this passive process perpetuates ongoing health and an active detox becomes less crucial.

Instead of treating the body as contaminated, we recognize that, in chronic illness, it may have difficulty removing toxins efficiently enough to feel its best.

Our physicians will guide you in optimizing your body’s primary routes of elimination. We encourage healthy dietary and lifestyle choices, so that “detox” is happening all year round.

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