High Blood Pressure

What is it?

Most often asymptomatic, hypertension, or high blood pressure, is an epidemic in our modern society.

Officially diagnosed when the blood pressure is regularly 140/90 mmHg or higher in adults, hypertension develops over years to decades, and is a chronic illness that must be managed closely.

Patients with a blood pressure over 120/80 mmHg but not yet at the cut-off for hypertension may also be treated and monitored to reverse the process of the disease and prevent future complications.

Key Points:

  • In the US, over 60 million adults are estimated to have hypertension
  • 90% of cases of hypertension have no known cause in conventional medical circles
  • Hypertension puts a patient at risk for numerous health complications, including stroke, heart disease, and kidney failure
  • Hypertension is generally asymptomatic until advanced
  • Close monitoring and treatment are essential
  • White coat hypertension, or high blood pressure in the doctor’s office, is a sign that the body has difficulty adapting to stress

How do we treat it?

The causes of hypertension are as unique as each individual patient.

Systems commonly involved in the development of hypertension include the cardiovascular and nervous systems, and the kidney. Of course, there may be hardening or restriction within the vessels of the cardiovascular tree, or a nervous system stressor can cause the arteries to spasm.

Often we see spikes in blood pressure associated with stressful events which requires a look into your adrenal function and why your body responds to stress in this way. In addition, the kidneys release hormones involved in controlling blood pressure and fluid levels, so they play an important role in this condition.

We will look at your entire health history in order to determine where to begin treatment – for you it may be best to start with nervous system remedies while another patient may first require cardiovascular remedies. Every step of the way, we will monitor your progress and change your treatment plan to uncover and treat the underlying causes of your hypertension.

With time and perseverance, patients find that their blood pressure normalizes and their overall health improves.

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